Monthly fees, franchise fees, desk fees, tech fees, high commission splits…

There are many ways in which your broker charges you a “Broker Tax” to cover their costs and increase their income. But what are they really doing to earn such a high portion of your hard-earned money?

You’re no rookie. It’s time to remove your unnecessary broker taxes and keep what you earn.

Your experience qualifies you to join Platinum Realty, where you call the shots and don’t split your commission. Know that we don’t accept new licensees. We only grow our team with agents like you. Agents who are entrepreneurs. Are you ready to run your own business how you’d like and charge the fees you want? Ready to stop paying broker taxes and keep what you earn? Take the first step by contacting us to set up a confidential meeting to discuss your future at Platinum Realty.

“Platinum Realty is an agency built by an agent for the agents. They understand that agents want to have great support, while still receiving 100% of their hard-earned money and commissions. Right now, in this challenging market we live in, it’s refreshing to know that I don’t have to pay a high monthly bill to a brokerage, and rather pay just the flat fee per transaction. I just love this company!”

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Ready to get more from your brokerage?

Over 2,000 agents have joined Platinum Realty and immediately earned themselves a pay raise without compromising a thing. You pay $495 per transaction and the rest is yours. It’s that simple. And to make things even sweeter, we waive that fee after 20 transactions for agents, and you pay no monthly fees! And with the highest level of support, technology, and training available, you won’t sacrifice a thing!