the platinum difference

100% Commission

It really is that simple

Platinum Realty is the original and only true 100% commission company in the Midwest. No more splitting commissions with brokers, monthly fees or contracts. On each transaction, Platinum Realty is compensated with $395 per transaction. And to make things even sweeter, there is no monthly fee or start-up fees!

The catch is, there is no catch!

It’s really no secret. Platinum Realty was founded by agents in 2005 with the agent of today in mind. Platinum Realty was built, brick-by-brick, to provide maximum value, support, and convenience to agents while allowing them to earn more.

Here’s how we do it:

100% Debt-Free Company – Yes, completely, 100% debt-free! From day one, Platinum Realty has never needed to pass along operations costs to our agents. Our debt-free status allows us to operate more efficiently compared to other brokerages. This gives Platinum Realty agents the opportunity to keep more of what they earn! Join us today and eliminate office fees and commission splits!

Real People. Real Support – There’s no doubt about it, we are an agent-focused company where you are priority number one.  Supporting you is OUR job, and we take it very seriously. Our knowledgeable and experienced Agent Support Team is designed to provide quick and accurate information – when you need it. Have a question? Need additional resources or guidance? We’re here for you!

Advanced On-The-Go Technology – At Platinum Realty, we know what it’s like to be an agent. In the office or in the field, you need to get things done in a timely manner. Accessibility isn’t just a convenience – it’s a must. We’re a paperless company and have streamlined our business practices with the latest technology and systems that let agents stay organized and up to date on all of their transactions while at home or on the road.

Convenient Locations, contemporary offices – Platinum is growing and so are our offices! We are proud to serve agents through offices in six Midwestern markets. Each office is designed with contemporary, sleek features and is outfitted with modern and advanced technology to provide agents with the top tools needed to complete transactions. The best part? Agents have access to all offices, regardless of their home base. We want you to be the best you can be wherever you are!

Proven Practices – Nothing is worse than having to jump through hoops just to get the job done when it’s simply not necessary. We have a true understanding of what our agents need to win.  At Platinum Realty, we have utilized our experience as agents to help create processes and procedures that eliminate unnecessary waste of time and resources, giving our agents a step-up in executing more transactions successfully. When our agents are successful, we are successful.

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Commission Calculator

Give yourself a raise without giving up a thing. Use the Commission Calculator to discover your earning potential by simply moving to Platinum Realty!


Broker Support

At Platinum Realty, we care about your success as much as you do. With us you’re not just a number, you’re a member of our family.

And we get it: it takes a lot of creativity, guts and hard work to be successful – we want to help!

  • Full-time brokers and friendly staff support
  • Non-selling, non-competing brokers – unlike many other companies
  • Dedicated Transaction Review Team that is experienced and helpful to ensure accuracy of files
  • 24/7 access to the online Agent Support Center
  • Management team that understands real estate from an agent’s perspective
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Agent Support Center

Have a question? Agents have 24-hour access to our proprietary Agent Support Center that acts as a virtual broker.  Thousands of our most frequently asked questions are available at their fingertips, with more information added daily.  This easy-to-navigate tool is just one more benefit you receive as a Platinum Agent.


Agent Education

Rather than fit agents into our educational culture, we design it around them. Platinum Realty agents are entrepreneurs at heart; business owners interested in growing business and closing sales. They are more apt to be on the move, out in the community, not sitting still in a classroom for hours. We know their time is better spent on building relationships and making sales. Therefore, we offer ongoing, relevant educational opportunities that are hosted live on the Web and personal mentorships to match the entrepreneurial mindset.


These aren’t your usual, boring, run-of-the-mill classes. No classroom or testing required. No shoes required either. Platinum Realty’s weekly classes are online anytime, so you can put up your feet at the coffeehouse or home or wherever you happen to be and catch up the latest industry trends and tools.

This is the type of information you need to wow your buyers and sellers with just how smart you are about the industry and where it’s going.


Get inspired. Learn something new. Brush up on your skills. Like Netflix for agents, Platinum TV serves up an extensive library of videos you can stream any time over the Internet. Choose one of our newest videos or binge watch from one of our popular playlists.

New Agent Program

NEW TO REAL ESTATE? WE HAVE A PROGRAM DESIGNED JUST FOR YOU! The first three months is an exciting time for a rookie agent. Eager. Driven. Telling everyone you meet that you are a new agent. During your first 12 weeks with us, you’ll go through training and be assigned a personal mentor. This person is your real estate Sherpa, guiding you through all types of situations and answering your questions along the way. We know a new career can lose its luster very quickly after 3 months if you don’t have the tools you need to succeed. After training, you’ll have the knowledge (and ongoing support) to be successful.

Experienced agents joining Platinum Realty can use the 12-week program to re-engage. Reignite your passion for real estate. As a reminder for why you got into the field to begin with.

Here’s what the 12 weeks involve:

  • 4 weeks of training from a nationally recognized real estate trainer
  • 1 week covering all aspects of the listing process
  • 1 week covering all aspects of working with buyers
  • 1 week on running CMA’s, using the RPR program, and other CMA tools
  • 1 week on technology resources critical to your business such as your personal website, and social media.
  • 4 additional weeks of one-on-one coaching to support your individual needs. Creating your business plan, setting up your marketing program and addressing needs specific to you and your business.


At Platinum Realty, our focus is you. We know your time is valuable which is why we’ve built an agent portal where all the tools you need to do your job are conveniently located. Gone are the days of visiting multiple websites just to get your signs, business cards and personal marketing materials ordered. With just a few clicks of the mouse, all your business needs are covered.


  • Online contract/listing management software
  • Real-time agent sales stats and reports
  • Inventory management with reminders
  • Online real estate forms
  • Listing flyers and presentations
  • Stay connected 24/7 – anywhere you are


  • Multiple offices conveniently located throughout Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma
  • Offices are sleek, modern, and equipped with coffee bar, conference rooms, lounge seating, cafe tables and more
  • State-of-the-art computers, wireless internet, and a color copy machine with mobile printing from any device
  • 24/7 access to all offices – no exclusions


  • Mobile search sites designed to be responsive for iPad, iPhone & Android to allow your clients access to information when they are on the go
  • Customizable website options with unlimited pages including:
    • Advanced mapping search with IDXPro Integration
    • Mobile MLS Search
    • Featured listings and open houses
    • Video linking – YouTube
    • Social media integration
    • Drip email campaigns and contact organizer
    • Listing syndication
    • SEO optimized with traffic reports and Google Analytics


  • Everything you need to create, host and distribute great looking virtual tours
  • Easy to use software
  • Mobile friendly, social media integration and enhanced SEO


  • Order marketing materials, yard signs and Platinum Realty merchandise
  • Track and manage your business
  • Create presentations
  • Attend classes

Platinum Agent App

We understand that our agents are rarely behind a desk, which means they often utilize their phone or tablet to get information and access forms. To better serve our agents, Platinum Realty created an app for easier access to tools and info on the go!


We offer the latest marketing tools and self-promotion opportunities while utilizing technology and strategic partnerships.

Company and Agent Branded Listing Tools and Services:

Utilize compelling listing flyers and presentations that provide you with attractive and effective branded marketing materials for every listing and selling occasion, allowing you to spend less time putting together presentations and more time making money.

  • Listing flyer templates & listing presentations, Expired listing presentations, CMA only presentations, FSBO presentations

Unlimited High-Quality Virtual Tours:

Our virtual tour is the leading rich media solution for real estate professionals in the United States! It’s the easiest way to  include top quality visual enhancements to your property and personal marketing.

Platinum Realty’s Billboard Program

Now’s Your Chance to Make an Impression!

Actually, more like hundreds of thousands of impressions a week! Platinum Realty’s Agent Billboard Program offers you the opportunity to stand out in a busy real estate market. We brought in our heavy hitters to negotiate a steeply discounted rate exclusively for our agents to support growing your business. Your professionally designed billboard will be customized to drive optimal brand awareness for you or your team.