Optimize your Career Choices for Happiness

Happiness — the ultimate currency. Money, autonomy, balance, purpose, progress. It’s a fact, when you’re happier, you perform better – both professionally and personally. Platinum Realty was created with agents’ success and happiness in mind.

Platinum Realty agents keep 100% of their commission, pay only $395 per transaction (capped at 20 deals annually), and get comprehensive support, convenience and flexibility. What do you need as an agent to achieve your version of happiness? More money? Technology? Supportive community? Check, check and check. Over 2,000 happy agents can’t be wrong.

Find your happiness

Determine what’s important

When you understand what’s important to you as a person, you’ll be better able to determine when you’re in alignment with success. Is it work/life balance, high income, flexibility, short commute or creativity that fuels you? The answer will help you find your own definition of success.

Know your value

Knowing what you value, and aligning that with your work can significantly raise the level of satisfaction you derive in your career. If you have a deep understanding of your value, you will be in a better position to determine what success is and how best you can achieve it.

Reevaluate and re-align 

Even your own definition of happiness can change over time. And as a busy agent, time can pass you by before you even realize it. Make reevaluating your current level of satisfaction part of your plan. If your happiness and work have drifted further and further apart, don’t be afraid to make changes.

Finding new ways to access happiness on a continual basis generates more success in our lives. After all, success does not breed happiness – it’s the other way around.