Tim Tanz

Tim was the last agent you’d ever think would leave Keller Williams. So why did he?

Tim Tanz has never been one to sit behind a desk. He earned his degree in fine art, and he was a graphic designer, which he says was “too static,” before changing career paths. Tim received his real estate license in 1997. Since that time, he’s worked under three of the big real estate firm names: first, RE/MAX; next, Keller Williams; and now Platinum Realty.

Tim joined Platinum Realty when one of our first offices was opening. He is the first to admit that he never planned on leaving Keller Williams. So why did he?

“It came down to the compensation package. Making the decision to move to Platinum Realty wasn’t easy, but also it didn’t make financial sense for me to keep giving money to brokers,” Tim says, “I’m more independent than a recruiter, so I was not seeking agents to join under me. That means that other compensation structures weren’t the right fit for me, financially.”

What eventually led Tim to Platinum Realty was that he had support available if he needed it, but he wasn’t required to follow strict training schedules, attend numerous meetings, etc. “I know the general ropes. I like that Platinum Realty offers online classes and education, but I am not a novice, so I don’t need the introductory training,” explains Tim.

Tim is a self-proclaimed control freak. He has considered hiring an assistant, but doesn’t feel the need to with Platinum Realty’s technology. “I can work from anywhere, very easily on my own. Tools like DocuSign make it possible. Also, I can save the salary I’d pay to an admin person and I never have to worry about laying off someone,” explains Tim.

Tim intends to stay with Platinum Realty for as long as he continues in real estate. “I think I’ll be out showing house to buyers well into my old age, even if I have to use one of those power scooter wheelchairs,” Tim says.

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