Jaime Gerken

Jaime switched companies after her partner did and it was business as usual

Jaime started her career in lending after graduating with a business degree. She was licensed for a short while and bought a few properties along the way. Jamie left real estate to purse an MBA on track toward a life in academia, until children came into the picture. She wanted a career that offered flexible hours, so she joined a brokerage.

Jaime was working with a partner who decided to move to Platinum Realty. Jaime stayed at her brokerage, worried that clients were attracted to a brand name and her business would suffer. “After my partner made the switch, I watched her business go on as usual. Come to find out, the name behind her didn’t affect anything. And here I was working just as hard, but making less on my commissions,” explains Jaime.

Like many agents, she had concerns about branding herself. “Come to find out clients didn’t care what company I work with. This proved to me that the brand name doesn’t matter. My business relies on my relationships and service,” says Jaime.

More and more experienced agents like Jaime are capitalizing on the truth that real estate is a self-driven business. Real estate firms offer the same services across the board. “I didn’t lose anything by moving to Platinum Realty. I have access to the same support and options. I receive recruitment material from other companies so I know,” she says.

What is different is the pay structure. With Platinum Realty’s 100% commission and low office fees, the same amount of work results in more commission agents keep.

Jaime advises, “Being a successful agent takes knowing what you want and having a plan. You have to match the way you prefer to do business with the right company to support your goals and style. Not every agent is best for Platinum Realty. But it’s a perfect fit for those who are independent and entrepreneurial in the way they brand themselves and approach their business.”

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