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Dennis Perkins President

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Tamara Etier Accountant

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Veronica Nothnagel Manager - Agent Support Team

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Randy Waldorf Chief Operating Officer

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Platinum Realty was founded on a vision of what the perfect real estate company could be like for agents. We’re not a franchise…we’re a company for our agents, designed by agents. This new and unique approach that provides everything an agent would want and need, while giving them the freedom to tailor their relationships with their clients in a way that is most effective for them, has attracted entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do. We are proud of our team of nearly 2,000 agents!

meet some of our agents

Jaime Gerken

Jaime switched companies after her partner did and it was business as usual

Jaime started her career in lending after graduating with a business degree. She was licensed for a short while and bought a few properties along the way. Jamie left real estate to purse an MBA on track toward a life in academia, until children came into the picture. She wanted a career that offered flexible hours, so she joined a brokerage.

Jaime was working with a partner who decided to move to Platinum Realty. Jaime stayed at her brokerage, worried that clients were attracted to a brand name and her business would suffer. “After my partner made the switch, I watched her business go on as usual. Come to find out, the name behind her didn’t affect anything. And here I was working just as hard, but making less on my commissions,” explains Jaime.

Like many agents, she had concerns about branding herself. “Come to find out clients didn’t care what company I work with. This proved to me that the brand name doesn’t matter. My business relies on my relationships and service,” says Jaime.

More and more experienced agents like Jaime are capitalizing on the truth that real estate is a self-driven business. Real estate firms offer the same services across the board. “I didn’t lose anything by moving to Platinum Realty. I have access to the same support and options. I receive recruitment material from other companies so I know,” she says.

What is different is the pay structure. With Platinum Realty’s 100% commission and low office fees, the same amount of work results in more commission agents keep.

Jaime advises, “Being a successful agent takes knowing what you want and having a plan. You have to match the way you prefer to do business with the right company to support your goals and style. Not every agent is best for Platinum Realty. But it’s a perfect fit for those who are independent and entrepreneurial in the way they brand themselves and approach their business.”

Faye Whitney

Meet Faye Whitney, veteran real estate agent and independent to the core.

One doesn’t spend 15 years as a real estate agent working for three popular realty firms without gaining some pretty in-depth knowledge of how each broker works. Faye Whitney started part time with Reece & Nichols, moved to Realty Executives for 12 years, and inadvertently ended up with Keller Williams when her broker changed brokerage firms.

Eventually landing at Platinum Realty, Faye is a goldmine of information when it comes to comparing real estate company cultures, support and compensation. If you’ve been in real estate for any length of time, her story will sound familiar. If you’re a new agent, she has some valuable insight that can spare you a lot of time, frustration and money.


Faye Whitney Lives a Full Life, Her Way

Prior to becoming a realtor, Faye Whitney, now a two-year Platinum Realty agent, worked for AT&T where she honed her customer service skills. Even though most of those skills were perfected working with customers over the phone, face-to-face connections came naturally for her. She’ll be the first to admit that giving up a steady paycheck was scary, but that never stops true entrepreneurs like Faye.

While at Keller Williams, they changed brokerage firms. The forced switch was the catalyst for her landing at Platinum Realty. She explains, “I was co-oping with other agents and a former Realty Executive friend had already made the move to Platinum Realty. I didn’t like paying out so much commission. Who does? But KW raised the cap to $21,000, and that is a lot of money to give up, especially when clients are coming from your own advertising and referrals. Plus, I like independence and do most of my work from home, so I didn’t need an office so to speak.”


Regrets, She’s Had None

Faye knows the ins and outs of the business, follows the rules and doesn’t need someone watching over her shoulder. She was looking to make a change, so she met with Dennis Perkins, Platinum Realty’s Vice President of Operations.

“I felt a connection with Dennis. I look at everyone as a friend or family member in business, so that was an important factor in my decision to join Platinum Realty. He listens and is invested in resolving issues. I can brainstorm with him, and his door is always open. I didn’t have that before. Platinum Realty’s back office system is phenomenal. Everything I need to do business is there,” Faye says.

“Never before had any broker I’d worked with referred clients to me. For years, I’d seen brokers hand out referrals to their ‘inner circle.’ At the time, my Platinum Realty broker barely knew me, much less would call me ‘friend.’ But that’s the way it is at Platinum Realty. If someone sees an area or personality match, he or she shares it with you,” Faye explains.

Faye recently co-oped with a relatively novice agent. Though he has only a little over a year of experience under his belt, Faye was impressed with him from start to finish. “He did an excellent job, so she contacted him after closing and the discussion turned to commission. Bottom line: I was keeping 100% of my portion. Having worked for his brokerage in the past, I knew exactly how much he was not keeping,” she recounts.


Traveling each and every highway

Faye, a Kansas City native, is married with three sons. She, her husband and youngest live in Lee’s Summit, and she works out of the Platinum Realty office in downtown Lee’s Summit. Well, actually that’s a bit of a stretch. Faye prefers working from home, and goes into the office about five times a month.

Licensed in Kansas and Missouri, much of Faye’s business is in eastern Jackson County. However, she travels each and every highway as far north and south as necessary when clients or referrals call.

Faye says, “I imagine that in five years that I’ll still be selling real estate. I won’t give that up, but my husband and I have a dream of traveling through all fifty states and also seeing the world.”

Jack and Lona Efaw

Dynamic sales duo finds Platinum Realty meets their combined and individual needs

Jack and Lona Efaw started their real estate careers in 1997 after moving to Missouri from Nebraska. Having been with the same company for 25 years, they found themselves wanting to be their own boss. They attended real estate school together. Eighteen years later, they are as excited about their careers as ever.

The two joined RE/MAX and stayed there for 13 successful years, but they felt a market downturn coming. It was hard to justify the expense of maintaining office space and keeping up with the fees and other bills associated with being under the RE/MAX name. Platinum Realty had about 140 agents at the time and was growing during a down market, so other agents must have been thinking along the same lines. In 2010, they joined Platinum Realty never looking back.

If Jack and Lona are anything, they are social. When they moved from RE/MAX to Platinum Realty, Lona is the first to admit thinking, “There goes my social life.” “Jack and I work from our home office a majority of the time now, but we can use any Platinum Realty office anytime,” says Lona, “We do enjoy the social events that Platinum Realty sponsors and have made many good friends.”

There is a misconception that if agents aren’t paying fees to a realty firm, then they receive zero support. “I believed the same thing, but soon realized that simply was not the case. Our Broker is always available, always helpful and anything or information we need is really just a phone call away,” Lona explains, “The structured commission, importing our own MLS listing, and the ability to download our contracts directly to Platinum saves so much time. Having a non-selling broker who isn’t competing with us is huge. We enjoy the freedom and latitude and the feeling that we are more in control.”

Jack and Lona understand how scary it can be to switch realty firms, especially after being with the same one for so long. There is the fear that people will not hire you if they’re not familiar with the company name. “We quickly discovered that people don’t hire a company name, instead they hire us. We have never lost a listing since moving to Platinum Realty for that reason,” Jack states.

Mary Giangalanti

After 20 years of experience as a Realtor, Mary decided to make the switch to Platinum Realty. She’s never looked back…

Mary Giangalanti was born with real estate in her blood.  As the daughter of an agent, she always loved the industry. After she graduated from Parkville High School in Kansas, she quickly got her license and became a Realtor at the young age of 19. Mary began working with a developer the following year, where she remained for many years.

Mary is a driven Realtor dedicated to achieving results and providing exceptional service. Her dedication and experience have made her a successful agent. So, what made her decide to move to Platinum Realty over four years ago?

“I absolutely LOVE Platinum Realty!  It’s the best program out there! We get more money in our pocket verses the brokerage. Platinum Realty is top notch.”

Mary is excited to have joined one of the fastest growing real estate companies in America.  She described her previous broker as old school and goes on to say, “Platinum provides the latest in technology resources, training, and support. I think it’s the best place for a new agent to start.”

Mary’s business has thrived so much, she has taken on another agent. She loves the flexibility to spend more time with her family and travel!


Tim Tanz

Tim was the last agent you’d ever think would leave Keller Williams. So why did he?

Tim Tanz has never been one to sit behind a desk. He earned his degree in fine art, and he was a graphic designer, which he says was “too static,” before changing career paths. Tim received his real estate license in 1997. Since that time, he’s worked under three of the big real estate firm names: first, RE/MAX; next, Keller Williams; and now Platinum Realty.

Tim joined Platinum Realty when one of our first offices was opening. He is the first to admit that he never planned on leaving Keller Williams. So why did he?

“It came down to the compensation package. Making the decision to move to Platinum Realty wasn’t easy, but also it didn’t make financial sense for me to keep giving money to brokers,” Tim says, “I’m more independent than a recruiter, so I was not seeking agents to join under me. That means that other compensation structures weren’t the right fit for me, financially.”

What eventually led Tim to Platinum Realty was that he had support available if he needed it, but he wasn’t required to follow strict training schedules, attend numerous meetings, etc. “I know the general ropes. I like that Platinum Realty offers online classes and education, but I am not a novice, so I don’t need the introductory training,” explains Tim.

Tim is a self-proclaimed control freak. He has considered hiring an assistant, but doesn’t feel the need to with Platinum Realty’s technology. “I can work from anywhere, very easily on my own. Tools like DocuSign make it possible. Also, I can save the salary I’d pay to an admin person and I never have to worry about laying off someone,” explains Tim.

Tim intends to stay with Platinum Realty for as long as he continues in real estate. “I think I’ll be out showing house to buyers well into my old age, even if I have to use one of those power scooter wheelchairs,” Tim says.

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our culture

 Be Bold. Go Bold. Go Platinum. It’s not some gimmicky marketing slogan. It’s our way of life. Being bold is in our DNA. It’s the heart of our vision and woven through our values. We’re bold in our predictions and in our expectations. The Platinum community is bold, having decided we are worth more. We are called to be bold.

Boldness is a behavior born out of belief. Our belief is that the entrepreneurial spirit is ingrained in every agent and we are committed to finding new ways to bolster our agents’ successes. We believe that even entrepreneurs can benefit from a network of like-minded agents. We believe in being firmly entrenched in the hearts and communities where our agents live and work and we believe that each and every member of the Platinum team makes us stronger.

For families caring for a child with a serious illness, life is turned upside down. Long hospital stays and uncertainty become the new normal. This is especially true for the families caring for critically ill children when even basic necessities like meals can become burdensome. The Platinum Realty Foundation’s Feeding Families program was started with the goal of providing lunch daily to these families, so they can focus on the most important job of all – caring for their sick children.

Support, ideas, comradery. The Platinum Professional Network is made up of Platinum agents in your area just like you. Agents who thrive as entrepreneurs, but also know there is strength in numbers. So, share your strikes and gutters while throwing strikes and gutters. Or, soak up other agent’s tips at one of our happy hours. Regardless of the event, you’re bound to make connections and leave with new ideas to your help grow your business.

No one budgets for a serious illness to happen to themselves or a close family member but the truth is, it happens. When a real estate agent faces an illness, life can be turned upside down. Often times, business takes a back seat to taking care of oneself or a loved one. The financial burden this creates is just one of the pressures they will take on. Agents for Agents is a fund established by Platinum Realty to support agents when they need it most, allowing them to focus on healing.